Monday, October 1, 2012

BECAUSE I wore my NYU tshirt...

...when this boy from LA asked me to be his girlfriend. A heat wave rolled through SoCal and we sat on a bench on top of a hill overlooking downtown LA (more precisely the E&Y, DeLoitte, and KPMG building-ahem the girl he wants to date works for...) as he read me a very long letter while perspiring heavily.
I spy with my little eyes...a very sweaty michael and a very concerned/amused lucy. captured by CJ aka Mr. Junebug
 After I made sure he wasn't going to pass out from dehydration, I told him that I'd like that a lot. Because there is a growing list of things i like a lot about him:

 -I like it when you prepare fresh fruit for me like the strawberries for my beach day in santa monica and the grapes when we watched bride wars together. "what did boys learn in school?!?!" well apparently this boy from LA learned A LOT #nyu>usc 

-I like that I'm the only one you're following on instagram

-I like hearing you sing in the car to songs i've never heard of before, I wonder if you pick out certain songs on purpose. Love love love love crazy loveeeeeeee. I did find out Sunday that you are very touchy abt your car radio

-I like "RUS" a lot

-I'm learning to like your facial hair. It's growing on me. #seewhatIdidthere?

-I like how forgiving you are, that you try to understand me, that you give me the benefit of doubt, that you challenge me with scriptures. I like that we pray together and often

-I like that you like my smile because I like to smile when I'm around you. 

-I secretly like that you drive a stick and when you go ZOOOOM on the freeway. giggle

-I like that every time you drop me off at the airport, you probably sit in your car until I take off because of the panicky texts that I send you about not wanting to leave you and already missing you way too much to not be having a hysterical breakdown in my seat

-I like that you insist on opening the car door for me when you take me out on a date. (And the whole day Sunday). I like the look you give me when I forget and open it myself.

-I like your confidence. I know your security comes from God. 

-I like the way you say "man" "sami" "understand" and "important". 

-I like all the different faces you make in reaction to the crazy things I say. It makes me want to say crazier things to see all those different faces. It is a fun time. 

-I like that you're flying to NYC in 4 weeks. I'm going to take you to all my favorite restaurants. 

I like *tweet tweet*

Hope everyone had a delightful weekend. Fort wayne is so cold. Running back to the hotel to get my grey sweatshirt!

the girls want to see pics from this past weekend....i didnt take any....non-food ones.....

last meal of the weekend in LAX Int terminal. I treated- only the best for the best boyfriend in the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LA, I mean WORLD. 

I have the two bestest friends a girl can ask for. 
Lucy in fort wayne feeling very very blessed and grateful!


  1. jooooonnnn-aaaa! cj was so amazinggggg. i wouldnt have a single shot if it wasnt for him. he also treated us to dessert later. so generous. what a keeper! let's double