Thursday, March 14, 2013

BECAUSE I never thought walter filtration can be so impactful!

If you've been over myself and asked for water, you've probably noticed that I didn't pull a plastic container out of the fridge, instead I went to pour water from something that looks like this:
I purchased mine through anthropologie a year ago but the company who owns/produces them is making one for ONE THE GO! So I jumped on it of course, right now they're still in production stage and the estimated delivery is in May 2013 but I purchased 3 anyway because Father's Day is coming up and Boyfriend day is every anyway check 'em out and BUY YOURS TODAY!

I can't say enough good things about my water filter. It tastes delicious.

See the campaign here:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BECAUSE it's bubble tea...

known here, however, "bobba" and for the life of me cannot get used to. it sounds slightly gross actually. bobba? As much as I'm embracing life/lingo on the west coast there are a few that I'm rejecting from the very core of me.

Here's a list of rejects:
1. "Bobba" shocker...
2. "freeway" it's "highway".... but see point 2. below
3. endless bad drivers and traffic
4. the massive underground garages w/ confusing arrows, signs, tiny spots, and more bad drivers/parkers.

Here are a list of things I'd gladly get on board with..
1. the sun and 80 degree weather
2. not paying for the highway hahahahahha.
3. cupcakes at work- like all the time- at least once a week.

4. seeing my bf every week 
5. paying under $20 a month for a gym that's open 24/7 THAT HAS A POOL!

In conclusion....LA life is great and I feel mostly blessed but 80% of complaints reside with car/traffic/driving related issues. Which means I, from the bottom of my heart and the deepest part of my soul, sorely misses life in New York....

Missing Lady Liberty and joy han.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BECAUSE when I stop working, I have wonderful things to look foward to...

People ask me how I've been liking LA...and to be honest, I've quite liked my cubicle at the client and the downtown office because that's where I've spent about 85+% of the last month and change since I moved here. But here is my light at the end of the tunnel, the next couple of months are looking to be REALLY FUN/EXCITING. Here's what I'm really looking forward to doing:

1. Going to the Kate Spade outlet this weekend. I'll also be hired out as Mike's personal shopper for the day. Post and pics to follow :D

2. Family visits in mid April. IMMA BRING THEM TO CHURCH!!!! and take the twins to the beach! wowowowowowwwwwww post and pics to follow.

3. Watch Mike play in the volleyball tournament. I'm hoping for a free weekend so I can stop at a craft store for supplies bc I wanna make a fan shirt. cheesy or SO SWEET? so sweet...

4. go to prom with Mike. he hasn't asked me yet....but I'm hopeful....

5. go to a Laker's game

6. Go to a USC game!

7. FLY TO SPAIN FOR AUTUMN'S WEDDING! omgeeeeeeeeeeeee i can't even. I CANNOT!

now back to excel so I can get out at a decent hour. sigh
worked every single weekend since I came here, another saturday morning pre-commute and bf surprises me with flowers HEEEHEE! i love you honey bunny #lategram #in<3
~from me to you tired yet anticipating...
L from sunny LA

Friday, March 1, 2013

BECAUSE it takes an hr to get anywhere in LA...

whether you're driving 12 miles or 40. It'll take you about an hour to get there....Here's why:
highway trying to get on it.

my view every morning

my view every night

came home so late one night there wasnt a single car on the road. Oh Thank Jesus.


BECAUSE I cheat...and I don't even feel bad about it...

I made it to day 4...and had dinner. The story began about a week ago.

My manager, accountant by day, health/workout guru by night, told me about a juice cleanse she did which did wonders for her skin and also helped her shed some unwanted lbs at work one day over our excel workbooks. Next thing I knew I was checking out online on Pressed Juicery's website. Come this past Monday, a carton of 6 juices were delivered to my door overnight and thus started 4 days of absolute torture.

The cleanse comes with 6 individual bottles of juices hand picked by me and delivered overnight to my door daily. They are LA based but I believe deliver nationwide via FedEx. There are 3 levels, after a brief questionnaire I landed in 2 (the 5 day one). I'm glad that I "did" it except I really didn't. I mean who was I kidding? If you knew me, you knew this was a bad idea to start...It was especially hard to stay on it when I was working past 10 every night and working in a confined room where everyone else's OT dinner smelled so incredibly mouth watering that my mouth started to, in fact, water.

So I made it to Thursday...then had Thai takeout and watched a movie with my roommates after I got home. I've never felt more hallucinatory than I did this week w/out a solid food diet...

and then this morning I did this...
and honestly I feel great that I cheated...I wish I cheated on Tuesday when I wanted to...Do I feel bad about wasting A LOT of money? sure....but you live and you learn and you give the last day's supply to your boyfriend, whom when I told how much the juice cleanse cost me, put his head in his hands and fake cried.

Mike will have to have my last day's supply HEEHEE.
my stash of empty bottles at work

Conclusion: impulsive buying is stupid and I have no self control.and I need to clean my car.

P.S. The almond milk was bomb.

Sorry but thank you's been an interesting week. I'm glad that's done and I'm celebrating with lunch at an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ with bf and friends tomorrow!

All juiced out and stuff,