Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BECAUSE when I stop working, I have wonderful things to look foward to...

People ask me how I've been liking LA...and to be honest, I've quite liked my cubicle at the client and the downtown office because that's where I've spent about 85+% of the last month and change since I moved here. But here is my light at the end of the tunnel, the next couple of months are looking to be REALLY FUN/EXCITING. Here's what I'm really looking forward to doing:

1. Going to the Kate Spade outlet this weekend. I'll also be hired out as Mike's personal shopper for the day. Post and pics to follow :D

2. Family visits in mid April. IMMA BRING THEM TO CHURCH!!!! and take the twins to the beach! wowowowowowwwwwww post and pics to follow.

3. Watch Mike play in the volleyball tournament. I'm hoping for a free weekend so I can stop at a craft store for supplies bc I wanna make a fan shirt. cheesy or SO SWEET? so sweet...

4. go to prom with Mike. he hasn't asked me yet....but I'm hopeful....

5. go to a Laker's game

6. Go to a USC game!

7. FLY TO SPAIN FOR AUTUMN'S WEDDING! omgeeeeeeeeeeeee i can't even. I CANNOT!

now back to excel so I can get out at a decent hour. sigh
worked every single weekend since I came here, another saturday morning pre-commute and bf surprises me with flowers HEEEHEE! i love you honey bunny #lategram #in<3
~from me to you tired yet anticipating...
L from sunny LA

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