Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BECAUSE I'm taking a hurrication...

I stood on the corner of 14th and 2nd and cried yesterday. I had finally found a wifi spot (some doctor's office) and managed to sent out a few desperate emails to parents, mike, and work. Sandy hit pretty hard and apparently everything is under water. something somewhere blew up and we lost power (mike called coned and talked to them and told me what happened and i understood none of it) the point is, we'll be without power for at least a week.

and i lost it.

worried friends trying to get in touch while my phone was down
and i cried....


joy's in rockland with family. they have power, wifi, phone service, drive throughs that are open(they went last night then watched a movie til late) WHAT THE!

we are now looking to find apts of friends in manhattan to crash at.... and kate's graciously agreed to let us stay at her place. AND the mcdonald's near them is open for business and i'll be bringing some BEE'NESS
when we realized the mcdonalds in the east village was, in fact, closed
i miss michael and wish he was here with kimmel right now and finally got connected after 3 days of no electricity, wifi, or phone service.
pwc email

before the power went out when it wasn't so bad and i was actually enjoying my hurrication. 

when all the electronics were running...before the cabin fever set in and we wanted to kill e/o

P.S. I'll be on skype for the next 4 days since work says I don't need to be in fort wayne. LGA's still completely shut down and at this pt it'd be silly to fly out just for a day. find me on skype! like my best friend did.

from us to you with all our love,
two best friends, PATWICK, and lady liberty

Monday, October 29, 2012

BECAUSE Mike left and Sandy came...well sorta

Where's sandy?!?!!??!?!!?

Mike's flight didn't get Mine did though woohoo!

Weekend was SO amazing and since a picture is worth a thousand words here are some ten gazillion words to describe how much fun I had with boyfriend in NYC this weekend (for all my west coast friends *wink*)

waiting for the markowskis for lunch date at tia pole in chelsea
i'm dating a model. i've always wanted to date a model. #dreamcometrue
water! i mean sangria!
being goofy while waiting for judy. we dont waste any time mannggg
sunday brunch with bibletalk. mike looking ridiculously handsome
mike in lucy's red scarf. mike looks good in everything.
drinks with ms robin
mike picking out clubs at chelsea golf
i thought he can hit them into the water er...boat
cute liddo asian boy next to mike
the two of them were so cuteeee. i had fun watching
treating mike to the world's smallest cupcake at baked by melissa
drinks at jimmys in soho. mike ordered juice HAHAHHAHA
hugging my pumpkin, I mean my boyfriend

pwc voyager text...mike didn't get one...I CRY.

dad worries for mike. TOO CUTE
olaitan worries that i'll "over-eat" too.....cute...
sunday night sandy night! takeout from grand sichuan, and a thriller marathon. blessed life
mike meets my ny family. small group feast at momofuku. it was satisfying
mike tracks the storm during flight
we had SUCH a good come back soon. I miss you already
the love of my life and joys leading man, PATWICK.
the lengths we'd go to for our men. CRISIS AVERTED PEOPLE!

not sure who to give credit for...I think the photographer's jason otts...please let me know who took this. either way sandy's breathtaking. even though you didn't come early enough to delay my bf leaving for LA...I forgive you.
I feel so incredibly blessed to have had this weekend with Mike. Onto new adventures! Thanks to all who's met with us this weekend and helped to make his visit fun/food-filled.

enjoying my day off while mike drove to work in sunny california HEEHEEHEE.

from us to you with all our love,
two best friends and lady liberty (you did me proud this weekend)

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I flew home last night, LAST NIGHT, and worked out of the NY office today, left at 4pm for office happy hour and am now spending some quality time with my two wonderful roommates. well actually they're watching lilo and stitch with nonstop giggling. SHADDUPPPPP

except not bc im exhausted but here's the thing, here's THE THING. I'm taking tomo off!!!!!!!! second day off since I started w/ the firm a year ago. I'm taking off because MIKE IS COMING TO NYC!!!!



i am so incredibly excited to bring some much needed balance into my work life. and to bring mike to the best city in the whole world. can i get some prayers that new york steals his heart the way it did mine? prayers please.


picking up my man at jfk bright and early tomo, brace yo self new york!!!! this weekend's gonna be


from us to you with all our love,
L-a liddo bouncn off the wall excited!