Monday, October 22, 2012

BECAUSE I'm terribly happy when...

1. Papyrus comes out with their thanksgiving (favorite holiday ever) cards
2. Michael Wang is flying to NYC in exactly 3 days.
3. It is officially boots and scarves weather which also means CUDDLE SEASON IS HERE and just in time for mike's visit. wowowowowowowowowowowwwwowwww. #whatacoinkadink
4. Parents and twins are flying back home on the 25th
5. I come home to a neat apt (thanks girls)
6. The flight is not delayed. GOD this has got to be the worst part abt this stupid engagement....
7. I eat Asian food. I'm having the world's biggest craving for stirfry and ippuido
8. all my new friends at the marriott. sometimes when i check in on sundays. i feel like im coming home. #sadbuttruebutmoresadthantrue
9. that jcrew cashmere sweater goes on sale for 80 dollars
10. mustache man (see #2 above) and i celebrate our first month of dating eachother this weekend in my beloved city.

i cannot believe thanksgiving is just around the corner. i'm so looking forward to spending it again with the rubinsteins aka my god-family. i've got turkey on my mind!!! and then before you know it, we'll be putting up our tree.

lala laaaa
can't focus today

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