Sunday, October 14, 2012

Because I am obsessed with Frenchies

I like french bulldogs. I only like french bulldogs. I think I am obsessed with them. I don't have one because they are stinkin' expensive and I don't have time to take care of one. But I collect pictures of frenchies. Lucy has sent one to me couple years back and I think it's my favorite one.
I Photoshopped this little baby and had it as my fb profile pic for a while

Lucy sent this to me and I have named my future frenchie who will look just like this one, "Tofu"

my recent obsession, blue eyed gray frenchie

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  1. joyful, i told mike i wanted a puppy for xmas. like a rescue one from a shelter. he said he'd think about it. that means no. so i guess im not getting one afterall. ok calling you now