Friday, October 12, 2012

BECAUSE...I love you

With everything that I am, I do. I love New York.

I've been travelling for the last 2.5 months to a wee little place called Fort Wayne(it's IN's second largest city) for work. I've never missed something as much as I miss my beloved island of Manhattan.
  I've missed...
...Mudd coffee because you CAN'T get it anywhere else
...Sunday morning walk to church when the city sleeps from a night of partying too hard. The city does Sunday morning.
...The NY skyline, you take my breath away
...Yellow Taxis and their colourful, chatty, drivers. zippy liddo bike and zipping erwhere 
...How seriously NYers take weekend brunch. Mimosas and the sun on my back and people watching and nom nom nom
...My manicurist- must tell her abt mike (note to self)
...Street performers and free mini concerts in the park, in the subway car, outside Trader Joe's, and in the apartment below you with walls so thin, you hear every strum of his guitar
...The McDonald's a block away. No cars needed in NYC people, no cars needed. Sorry Gale.
...Having all your friends living within a 2 mile radius (my best friend lives across the hall in my building) makes impromptu sleepovers super convenient
...A bodega that stays open 24 hrs for in case of emergency red bull runs (I live with two NYU girls)
...Delivery....DELIVERY! delivery on speed-dial and eating in 15-20 minutes. 'nuf said.
...and most of all, Autumn in the city

Shamefully, I must admit, that travelling has opened my eyes to what life could be outside of my beloved city.
Things like:
...A burger under $15
...Two bedroom apartments with a bathroom bigger than my bedroom and closet space that will actually fit my growing shoe collection that cost as much as my hole, I mean home. 
...A slower pace- sometimes, that IS nice
...Not being hooted and hollered at. NY, your men can be so uncivilized and obnoxious
...Not needing to make a reservation a month in advance to get in the good places
...No smelly subway car on a humid hot summer day

And yet I love you, with unwavering fervor and a passion that burns so hot...zzZZZsszzSS For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, you are mine and I vow to be forever yours. 

Your not-so-secret admirer, your biggest fan,

something sweetto start your amazing days off!

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