Thursday, October 11, 2012

BECAUSE dating is hard work...(but totally worth it)

I have been dating for the last week and half....and have been learning a lot abt myself and what it means to be in a relationship. Mike and I started reading the 10 commandments of dating in our church's dating devo along with a few other couples. And i thought id share some tidbits I've learned since that fateful afternoon on the hill. 
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5 things that are important when you're dating long distance ....or dating at all...
1. making a point to connect during the week or else it WON'T happen
2. plan ahead with flights bc the price goes up pretty significantly when you book it late. NYC-LA very expensive.....ouch. back to eating ramen errrday. hollar.
3. GET A LOT OF INPUT from trusted friends, other couples, and accountability partners.
4. find creative ways to spend time together, praying together makes me feel soooooo connected and comforted.
5. lesson from 10 commandments: GET A LIFE. don't cut back on time devoted to things like friends, work, hanging with God, hobbies, and service bc of your new-found relationship. Keeping your lives thriving and vibrant and separate to an extent is actually healthy and will benefit the relationship as you grow closer to each other and to God as a couple.

5 things my boyfriend is REALLY good at:
1. coming up with nicknames for me. a current favorite: "dragon-duck". I'm his dragon-duck. last night he called me just "dragon", then he roared....
2. driving. I love riding shotgun. granted, 80% of the time we just sit in LA traffic #smh, but when we cruise, his GTI purrrrrsss and Lucy sleeps-zzzzzzzzzz. bravo boyfriend, bravo.
3. picking very delicious restaurants for me to try in LA. that's a lie. he's not good at that at all.
4. making time for me. being there for me. you are so reliable and sweet.
5. taking Piyo everywhere he goes. Piyo appreciates it very much. It's too bad really....bc Piyo will always be a New York girl at heart.

piyo's last sat in NYC before moving to LA
piyo and mike at breakfast
piyo and mike on the way to work, piyo makes new friend 
Piyo at work with mike. piyo makes another friend                                             
piyo and mike home from work!
last saturday, mike took piyo to a matinee 
 off to LA tomorrow to spend some time with the above mentioned boyfriend. I've missed you!

and I miss Joy...
Your BFF,

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