Sunday, September 9, 2012 week went like this

Sun: Church in LA, lesson on work. Point number 1: Work is normal. Point number two: Work is hard (it's suppose to be) Point number three: Work is expected. Very fitting for Labor Day weekend. Sushi for lunch and off to the beach in Newport. Interesting car ride home that lasted 2 yrs, I mean 2 hrs. 

Mon: Lots of reading in the morning, brunch, toured USC (Yes I'm going back to college. Kidding. I'd sooner die) drove to LAX. Another interesting car ride. 

Tues: Went to work, left work. (at 7pm) skype date with LA

Weds: Couldn't go to midweek bc a binder was delivered around midday and due at 6am the next morning

Thurs: partner flies back to philly, everyone breathed easier, too bad someone else didn’t go with him. *fuming*

Fri: weird storm rolled by fort wayne but we got home on time. On the Chicago-NY leg, they played season 2 esp 1 of Suits. United, I'm proud of you. You bring me home and provide quality entertainment while doing it.

Sat: Peter visits and I stuff myself all day with Asian food. Squeezed in some vintage shopping, bought another bowtie. Didn't buy the green chair. Household said no. I don't like being told "no". 

Sun: first day teaching for the fall semester. I want to have a baby. Now. I'll settle on a puppy though. Breaking the news to the girls tonight after I land in Indiana.

I mean, woof woof woof!

From us to you with all our love,
two best friends and city Liberty

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