Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BECAUSE we are meant to be...


Dearest Joy H,

I miss you a lot. Your email this morning cracked me up- the kind of laughter that bubbles out before your better judgment kicks in (since I'm in the office and all) No one looked up because we're trying to crank through a 14-hr-day and after spending 7 weeks here, 14 hrs a day M-F, you learn to tune your co-workers out. And for that I'm grateful.

I'm having an interesting week. Yesterday was extreme. The managing director on the engagement told me I was doing a good job. He is very hard to please and have been very underwhelmed with how the team is doing since the project started. I was so happy I almost cried.
my tie out on the left and MD's comments on the's like a mini novel. BUT WHO CARES HE SAID GOOD JOB! are you proud of me joy?!?!?!?!?! r u freaking out abt how messy my desk is...last time i showed you a pic during year end, you said it made you struggle...and that you want to come clean it for me.

We got out early because MD was so impressed with our progress (9:30pm ahem) and the new associate and I went to the patio at the hotel for a drink to celebrate and relax.
Riesling, my white of choice, NYC well spent...NOT.
Later that night I had a very difficult conversation. It made me want to cry. Then I realized you weren't across the hall and I couldn't just walk over and cry in front of you....that made me want to cry more.

And then I was just sad about not being home. I miss you and E1 and E3 and church at PS41 although I hear we're moving again. Still in lower manhattan I hope... bc biking to the upper west side last summer was a pain (but good exercise) I miss your surprise visits and talking until way too late at night. I heard Julie got Avengers on blueray. I miss borrowing E3's movies. I miss hearing korean in the hallway bc when you guys come home, the whole building knows about it. I miss hearing music and laughter because you guys are so incredibly loud...

I miss my best friend so very much. Thank you for telling me that we are meant to be.

BECAUSE...I couldn't agree more.

From me to you with all my love,
lonely Lucy in fort wayne wanting to be home...

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