Sunday, September 16, 2012

BECAUSE....I'm guilty

...of eating 5 meals a day….full sized. Once I had a full dinner and then bought a big mac (#1) and a chicken club(#9) from Mcdonald's. Linda bore witness.
dinner tonight. wendys mmmm
...of cutting my own hair as a little girl, butchering it each time. I now cut Linda's bangs every couple of weeks. You live and you learn. I should start charging…in massages…
...of letting things go bad in the fridge…every. single. week.
...of skipping a lot of classes my freshmen year at NYU, and the year after. Then I cleaned up my act during OCR.
...of talking really hood once in awhile. Especially with my friend Olaitan. She brings out the black sister in me.   
from today

 ...of shopping online like a champ. We don’t have a doorman so my roommates stay home for UPS during busy season. I work in another state right now. UPS still comes like clockwork...
also from today
and then some more came the next day...

...of quoting Schmidt....a lot.  
...of going grocery shopping when I'm hungry and overbuying. My roommates have no space in the fridge and things turn green after a week... #seeabove
...of LOVING the bachelor/rette/pad on ABC. #guiltypleasure

...of never having been to Europe. Let's fix that soon.  
...of being Justin Bieber's biggest fan.  
...of making my Christmas list sometime in April.

...of buying most of the things on that list myself
...of buying a lot of makeup once a year during Sephora's friends and family. I do damage. It's coming up OOOOOOooooooOOOoooooOOOOOOOO

...of not being home for the next month. I'll be traveling out of town on weekends too. Will finally go home (first visit in almost a year) God I miss the twins. Will fly to LA and Atlanta for a dear friend's wedding reception. 

can someone sub for me in KK? Yea I'm gonna need a sub...text me

From us to you with all our love,
two best friends and city Liberty

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