Saturday, September 22, 2012

BECAUSE we love wine...

Last Saturday, three girls took a wine tasting class in Chelsea. I'm.....underwhelmed. I paid $90 to learn what I already knew....that I like sweet wine. What I didn't know (betcha didn't either) is that sweeter wine has a higher alcohol content and that tannin in full body reds is why people often pair red wine w/ red cut the fat. The fat's the best part. and I want none of it "cut". 

Anyway, In the 10 wines I tasted, I liked the malbec variety and riesling the best...another surprise.....since they're both on the sweeter side of their color family.

The riesling we tasted was especially delicious.
big surprise...I like....kung fu----girl
Verdict. I wouldn't recommend the class by NY Wine Company. Now I'm dying to buy some books on tasting/pairing wines and visit a vineyard and take some better classes. Wannacomeweeme?

after the 10th glass....KID.
oh and korean stew after. is there ANYTHING better?


  1. Yems and I talked about road-tripping to napa valley 2013...score....maslow 6 winery in tribeca....score...casellula in midtown...score.