Friday, September 14, 2012

BECAUSE my best friend sends me funny articles....

To all peeps who live and breathe the game of............

wait for it....

               ping pong.

please read this GQ article.

to everyone else who thinks they'd sooner play dodgeball than pick up a paddle...go read it anyway. I haven't laughed so hard reading about sports in....ever.

Landed in NYC and spent the whole night cleaning the apt.
last week's view when i walked through the door

tonight...I wish I was making this up...but I'm not....I. kid. you. not. fuming and waiting for the kids to come home and explain themselves

Linda and Wendy. you're grounded.

After a 6 hr flight and one layover, I spent my evening home picking up after my girls. awesome.

too tired to sign off.

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