Friday, August 31, 2012

BECAUSE you didn't know...

That I prayed for twin siblings and God answered my prayers almost a decade ago and can't wait to have my own kids one day because they bring delight to my soul. When I say kids, I mean daughter because she will be the best dressed baby in the E. Village. #kidswag

That I used to hop around my backyard until it's too dark to see catching baby toads and bringing buckets home to my horrified mother

That I don't fold my non-work clothes. My best friend knows that and gives me the dirtiest looks when she comes over to MY apt and open up MY drawers to borrow MY clothes.  #SMH

That I had pet baby ducks growing up who followed me around everywhere I went because they do, in fact, imprint

That I wouldn't be caught dead in sneakers unless you caught me at the gym on the treadmill

That I care all too much what people think of me but will still dress however I want. I don't believe the phrase "you can't pull that off". Fashion is and will be my preferred self-expression

That food brings me JOY like nothing else. Wait, you do know that. 

That I have an extreme affinity for pickles, avocados, and black cherries. Not all in one meal obviously... 

That my roommate calls me "momma" bc I cooked for her for the whole first year we lived together, pry about her personal life esp when it comes to boys, and nag her incessantly

That I have feet phobia and believe that there is no such thing as having too many pairs of shoes

That I have never had a real/live Christmas tree but am looking forward this Christmas because apt E1 SHALL make room for one. If we have to eat on the floor for a month or two, so be it (looking forward to decorating it with the girls to "under the mistletoe") #Beiberfever #I'maBelieber

That for a month straight last winter, I listened to Justin Bieber's "Under the Mistletoe" on the way to work (on repeat)

That (this one's controversial) I really didn't read through my benefits and options in my offer and signed on the dotted line then picked my retirement/insurance/etc randomly. Also that Turbo does my tax----step. 

That I'm freakishly and embarrassingly strong: in the physical-can-lift-impressively-heavy-things sense

That I will literally weave and dodge the throngs of NY to avoid cigarette smoke on the sidewalks. HOW RIDICULOUS, I mean seriously?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?! My blood boils just thinking about smelling it. 

That I still fit into GAP Kids and until recently owned things in my closet marked 14/16 from there. 

That if you are visiting/moving into NYC and are looking for a church, I'd like to invite you to church - free brunch on me after

That I think weight gain during Thanksgiving is expected, mandatory, and totally worth it. I look forward to it every. Single. Year. 

That my favorite blog to read is Rockstar Diaries #welcomebacktoNYC

That I want my husband-to-be to play the piano for me as I walk down the aisle to him before joining me before our friends, family, God, and the dude that will pronounce us husband and wife.

I'm bored at Chicago O'hare-traveling has become my life. But I will see *her loser brother* soon. Kid. Relax. TGIF and have a lovely and wonderful Labor Day weekend. 

P.S. I hear the models are all in town and strutting down the streets of New York like nobody's business. Cheers to the kickoff of NY Fashion Week and my favourite season of the year. 

From us to you with all our love,
L on her way to sunny Los Angeles 

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