Saturday, August 4, 2012

BECAUSE I'm flying to Ft. Wayne for work...

for the next 3 months. RIIIIIGHHHHTT???
yeah I know. The life of a public accountant. Except, wait a second...I'm not in audit. Whatever man...

Here's what happened Wednesday night flying with Delta:
1. first flight delayed so that I'd miss my connection out of Atlanta. Got bumped to an earlier flight.
2. plane sits on runway for 3 hrs. Pulled back in for a fuel and go (42mins) went over the FAA regulations of how long pilots can work and got deplaned
3. put on a third flight that left LGA at 10:40pm (I got to the airport at 2pm)
4. landed in Detroit with EVERY hotel in the area booked bc of ALL the grounded Delta planes
5. slept in the airport for 8:30am flight to IN
6. plane suffered bird strike as it was taxing. nose cone got dented- delayed
7. new plane get stolen from us by pilot going to state college bc the plane was double booked bc delta implements a new booking system THAT DAY.
8. bumped on a plane that left at 2pm and I got in at 3pm.

It's a miracle they didn't fire me. It's a miracle I didn't set scream at delta. Anyone want my skymiles? BC I'm flying AA from now on.

fir meal in IN! impressed with the portion
at least they feed me

oh yes I did


I'm back for the weekend and thoroughly enjoying spending every second with friends and roommates. I've missed them so much. Linda and I just got back from the Dark Knight. I'm slightly speechless....I mean, the last 5 minutes was good?

Honestly, I kind of enjoyed the previews more and am DYING to see Taken 2 and the new Bourne movie, Legacy I think. Dyinggggggg to see it. oh and the last Twilight movie. Ha....

Packing again...because I'm flying tomo. My heart feels heavy and I'm dreading it so much. I'm a nervous flier and am easily stressed when flying. Can you pray for me? Here's to the next 3 months....

From us to you with all our love,
one best friend left in the city...

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