Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BECAUSE God brought him back to me...

Some guy told me this morning that the success rate for open gall stone surgery on the 81-90 year old age group is 87%.....

I am certain that nothing could've consoled me last Friday when I found out that my grandfather went into surgery then straight to the ICU. He kept it from us and did it without the family's called me sobbing at work. I ran out of the conference room in tears. We prayed on the phone outside of work on the curb. Then I texted the church and within the hour, everyone texted their prayers.
hehehehehhehehhehehhehehe this screenshot cracks me up(now, not at the time)

Mom flew out the very next morning and I contemplated booking a flight out of fort wayne as well. She's since landed and rushed to the hospital. PRAYERFULLY he's healing and recovering.

I'm so incredibly grateful for my church family. You are my rock. Your prayers carried him back to us!

From me to you with my deepest gratitude,

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