Thursday, July 19, 2012

BECAUSE 9 years ago God answered a prayer...

those stupid babies turned 9 today....Feels like yesterday when papa brought them home...

I'm so blessed to have been able to be your 姐姐 in these last 9 years. I can't remember what it was like to be an only child because it feels like it's always been the three of us. I will never forget your very first summer home and how you kept me up every night with you. How you both knew to wake up/poop/cry back to back to back astounds me to this day. You've got the whole high-maintenance baby thing down to a science(perhaps it runs in the family) and I loved every minute of it and I love you both so much. If I can spoil you rotten until our children have children I'd be a happy sister.

I feel so much Joy(you guys won't get this joke but whatever) whenever I think back to holding you both in my arms at night, crying-all three of us, as our doting parents slept soundly in the next room during your first month in this world. After I left for college, I looked forward to coming home to finding you both taller, smarter, looking more and more like a real person and less like two pug puppies. (see pictures above) And starting school, going to camp, cheering you on at your first softball game. You were both so good at playing in the dirt as that ball rolled past you two. And still I cheered and cheered because my babies are superstars.

I wish you both a happy and healthy 9th year filled with enough laughter to make you cry and enough tears to bring you closer to God. I pray that you stay innocent and worry-free. If you must worry, I pray that you start learning to take them to Jesus. I pray that you keep a curious mind and to never stop asking questions. I pray that you are obedient because when you both misbehave, it's a lot on Mom and Dad. I pray that you grow up close to each other, never forgetting that blood runs thicker than water and that family always comes first. I pray that you help, edify, and encourage each other to be amazing children of God. I pray that you stand out and shine the way you're design to and never apologize for it. I pray for a year of growth and delightful new adventures for you both. I pray that we continue to deepen our relationship despite our age gap and the physical distance between us. I pray that you will both etch this onto your hearts: I love you both so sincerely and deeply, and I am so incredibly proud and grateful to be called your sister!

With all my love and more,

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