Thursday, February 7, 2013

BECAUSE there's still so much to get to in NYC...

When I think about leaving NYC, I want to just take off my socks, crawl under covers, and sob into my pillow until I pass out from dehydration and/or hysteria. one of MANY reasons why I'd burst into such an embarrassing but uncontrollable and inevitable emotional outburst is due to the fact that I can't leave all the untried restaurants behind. I mean....who has a food scene as vibrant and decadent and authentic as nyc? Let me tell you.

no. where.

not. anywhere.

And here's a spot I'm determined to try before I leave:
images from serious eats

847 Union Street, Brooklyn NY 11215 (map)
4.5 stars on yelp! looking promising!!

what are the chances I can get joy on this??

from us to you with all our love,
two best friends and lady liberty

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