Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BECAUSE I'm moving across the country in ONE weekend....

Are you chuckling? BECAUSE it's not a joke. So here's the story because I havn't had time to collect myself enough to eloquently describe to a single person yet what is happening (what my job demanded of me(again))

So iv been away on business since august 1 of LAST YEAR. I've been flying back and forth between NYC and two other states on a sun-fri(not mon-thurs) schedule. In the meantime, I've been requesting a transfer to LA for many many reasons although Mike was a big BIG one. Hi baby.

Then i was told on a monday morning(yesterday) that when I fly home this Fri night to nyc, I'll pack my stuff and be ready to start in our LA office the following monday (thats 7 days) in case I've lost you already. I listed all the reasons why that simply wasn't possible and got the start date pushed to Weds, (10 days away). I then called Mike but he was in a meeting, then my mom bc I was shocked and I still run to my mom when I'm shocked/scared/hurt/and of course hungry. Then i texted Tricia to ask if I can move in about a month and half earlier than expected then I sametimed Asher to book me a one way ticket to LA for monday, 2/11 bc after traveling for 6 months, the airlines still confuse me so much and Asher is the bestest friend ever in travel crisis and i was def having a crisis. 

Asher I love you so much. words cant describe my gratitude for all the times you patiently switched my seats to a better spot, checked me in early, and rerouted me during delays and cancellations, often before i even knew of the interruptions to my travel plans. God bless your heart.

Then I texted 2 batches of women who i thought in my shellshocked haze that might want to know that I have about 5 hrs left with them before I move across the country since i have to spend the next 3 days minus 5 hrs packing and forwarding mail and doing laundry and pay my bills...and pray and pray and pray. I've been fasting yesterday and today.....might fast some more.

By the time I left work last night, it sunk in enough for me to have the good sense to status the update on fb so I can alert just about anyone who might be interested to try to get time with people before I go. So that's all I can think of for now...24 hrs after receiving the new assignment, I'm sure i'll be answering a ton during my many meetups this coming weekend. I mean...I'll probably be back in 3 weeks to visit, just for the food alone....na'mean?

holdn onnnn holdn on to this. check it

Psalm 20:1-4

from me to you in richmond, VA and about to leave my beloved lady liberty for now,
one best friend who needs to see Joy soon.

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