Monday, February 18, 2013

BECAUSE I wrapped up my first week here...

Here's a brain dump after my first week in LA... 

1. my client is 16 miles away. The commute's taken me up to 1.5 hrs. I prayed the entire way and still felt a bit of insanity setting in after the 50th minute. 
2. my pandora still plays ads for local businesses (ie, ones located on 57th and Lex.) 
3. I'm paying more for my car then for rent (and I lived in the east village)
4. I have to dry to drop off/pick up dry cleaning 
5. my stomach is still on east coast time although I'm no longer waking up at 4:30. but since I'm eating on west coast time, I'm having about 6 meals a day....not much different from when I was in NYC though. YUM. 

6. mike got me a bamboo plant for valentines day for our first valentines day in the same city (I'll devote a whole post about that later) AHEM. 
readers, Michael Junior; Michael Junior, my readers
6.5. I love my bamboo so much I named him Michael. I named my car Michael Jr. (Junior for short) my creativity's gone down the drain here....
7. my roommates are angels im in love with every one of them. obviously. 
8. i wish i had iphone 5 bc i need audio turn by turn. and will need it for the next 6 months. off to costco this weekend to purchase a gps. so old school 
9. trying to find my LA zocdoc. do they have one? 
10. completely ignorant about the food scene....i feel grossly incompetent in life right now. 
11. need to find LA radio stations since ill be spending my life in my car 
12. placing an amazon order for many car accessories bc see pt. 11 above 
13. cant wait to buy a red nose and reindeer antlers Christmas 2013 for my car see pt 11 
14. oh and completely unrelated but exciting news i found out: AUTUMN SET HER WEDDING DATE! mike and i are starting our flight hunt NOW. AHORA! 
15. LA office parking =$40 a day. im robbed. ROBBED. and i'm from NYC. ROBBED. 

notice that 90% of my brain dump is car-related. SIGH. stay tuned for more LA brain dump :) 

oh and HAPPY President's Day. working day for public accountants. sob.

lots of love from the WEST coast

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