Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BECAUSE we are 100 days old!

If you're Korean, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about so let me get a woot woot and if all of that's gone over your head, ask your Korean friends about it or just read on anyway.

In celebration of our 100th day as a dating couple-look, don't roll your eyes, it's a big big big deal in some Asian cultures, and I'm a big fan of celebrating all occasions, we compiled a list of 100 things you didn't know about us. Mike wrote in blue, I in pink.

100 Days of Bliss

  1. We are dating, that is wonderful. (hahahhaha falls out of chair laughing)
  2. lucy's in love with Michael.
  3. Michael’s in Love with Lucy
  4. We wanted to come up with nicknames for each other for the longest time but couldn't. Everything we did come up with got vetoed by the other person. He was especially bad at it.
  5. Before we were even dating, we'd pray together on the phone, one of her favorite things to do
  6. We have movie dates over google hangout. She picks a lot of chick flicks. He lets her pick them.
  7. He asked her out on one of the hottest days on top of a hill. He almost passed out from the stress, i mean heat.
  8. We are best friends.
  9. She is dying to go to a USC game
  10. He speaks Chinese fluently
  11. She speaks it better
  12. We have difficult conversations in Chinese. We like the challenge.
  13. She gets hangry
  14. He is the funniest person she knows
  15. We are both very competitive when it comes to sports.
  16. We’re planning a China/Taiwan trip together. Grandma wants to meet Mike
  17. He is tall, one reason  Grandma wants to meet him
  18. She only likes foods she’s in the mood for at that very moment.
  19. We went to college on opposite coasts. Him: USC Her: NYU
  20. We met in Texas
  21. We have lots of inside jokes.
  22. She got him into Suits (NYC holllarrr) He got her into Arrested Development (LA)
  23. She fasts one day a week, she gets super irritable. he lays low until sundown
  24. He takes 15 minutes to get ready, I can go upward 1.5 hrs contingent on where I'm going/who I'm seeing.  
  25. He is very articulate.
  26. She turns 24 in 10 days! woahhhhh
  27. He had a xanga and was quite the blogger before she ever got into this
  28. Not only do we celebrate the months we’ve been dating, we also celebrate the months since the day we first met
  29. We both love to snowboard
  30. He’s become quite adept at credit card points for travelling
  31. She has a lot of frequent flyer miles and hotel pts but doesn’t know what to do with them
  32. She will consult with her boyfriend on how to leverage those soon ;)
  33. He is resistant to tickling
  34. that is a lie
  35. he is however, a horrible tickler (according to my 9 yr old sister)
  36. He isn’t very picky with food but can definitely enjoy a good meal
  37. She loves good food. Loves it. Really LOVES it.
  38. In particular, we love brunch
  39. She is an amazing cook, he loves to eat her food
  40. We flew first class b/c of a complimentary upgrade from United over Christmas, it was fantastic
  41. She is the most beautiful person he knows
  42. We like to dress up and go out on the town to have a good time
  43. She has the cutest giggle in the whole world
  44. We both drink our coffee black
  45. We both love to play
  46. He likes to sing sweet songs to her
  47. He started to sing to her in the car before they started dating
  48. We had a traditional American Thanksgiving spread
  49. We picked out and decorated a real Christmas tree this year
  50. We love to make traditions
  51. He has cold hands, she likes to warm them up
  52. We are trying to get her to California
  53. She is an excellent planner
  54. We brought in the new year together at a New York themed party in Cali
  55. She loves to skip down the street when she’s happy, he tries to keep up
  56. We want to take dance classes together
  57. We keep in touch with phone, facetime, email, skype, instagram, facebook, foursquare, heytell, letters, packages, gchat, and blogging
  58. aka, she blogs and he is her only reader
  59. He loves sports, all sports, especially volleyball
  60. She loves to swim and run, and used to play field hockey and tennis
  61. He drives stick shift and loves zipping around with her in the passenger seat
  62. his passenger seats heat up and he turns it on for her every time they get in the car and she goes straight to zzzzzzzzzzzz
  63. She has the cutest twin siblings ever, they love her very much, he’s growing on them
  64. We’ve traded things to remind us of each other
  65. We have matching animal beanies, we’ve worn them in public without shame
  66. We love to go on walks together
  67. We love  to drink wine and beer
  68. He gets red when he drinks
  69. that is the biggest understatement of 2012 baby....i love my love tomato though
  70. She has her own personal library of Papyrus cards
  71. most of LA including mike has gotten one
  72. One of her favorite burgers is a big mac
  73. We will soon be on a mission to find the best burger in LA
  74. Her eyes hurt when she puts on his glasses
  75. We both love a clean bathroom
  76. but mike’s cleaned his bathroom maybe once in his lifetime....
  77. He shaved his mustache and goatee for her
  78. She is a loyal friend
  79. She has the ability to connect instantly with anyone she meets
  80. He gets out of work before her, even though she is also three hours ahead
  81. We love the beach
  82. He can be fashion challenged at times, she thinks it’s cute
  83. He learned how to wear a bow tie because of her
  84. he still asks her to put it on for him when he does wear it
  85. He likes to play the piano for her, he also needs to practice some more
  86. We are both very much looking forward to the future
  87. NEWS!!!!!!!!! SHE WILL SOON JOIN HIM ON THE WEST COAST working in the same industry group as one of his college roommates
  88. she is absolutely terrified of driving and is probably the worst female asian driveryout there. (that’s saying something(
  89. she is currently looking to buy/lease a car for her LA move and wants something tiny and zippy bc anything bigger than a civic and she won’t be able to park it without hitting another vehicle, a person, a sign, or a lamppost
  90. he sends her gift packages to various hotels in various states bc she has not worked in NYC since last August
  91. She will celebrate her 24th with him in NYC
  92. She thinks his frends are kinda very awesome
  93. she went on a double date at a hiphop studio, learned two choreographies together, and never felt more attracted to her bf (bc he’s the greatest dancer in the whole world)
  94. She’s teaching him how to give gifts
  95. She’s great at giving gifts
  96. He’s teaching her patience
  97. She’s pushing back very hard on learning it
  98. He has not given up on her
  99. She is currently in DC for national training and told our love story to a room full of tax accountants in an ice-breaker activity this morning
from the night he asked me to be his gf
and 100 days later...

100. you are my rock. thank you for dating me. I feel like a lucky girl. I’m grateful for your love. Happy 100 days Michael.

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