Tuesday, November 6, 2012

BECAUSE I'd like to make this for Joy and Mike...

BRRRRR! It's november...in fort wayne. we are now officially entering our third season in this god forsaken place...jk. except not. i really wanna go home and break out my brand new slow cooker and start inviting people over to eat. mainly the east 5th family.

the holidays will be soon upon us. in less than 3 weeks mike will be here again and spending my favorite holiday with my god family in NJ. They do thanksgiving so well I'm salivating just thinking about Thursday. And then we'll go eat in philly and then I'll get to bring mike back to NYC and cook for him! For the first time...ever! Think I'll make this. or something that needs the slow-cooker for. ahhh fall, i love you so.

recipe can be found here. -the kitchn-

from us to you with all our love,
two best friends and lady liberty

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