Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BECAUSE you're my favorite holiday for a reason...

mike went home....

I debated if I should blog about this, bare my soul, tell the truth....you know- and I will. When Mike left on Tuesday, I sobbed....he actually had to wipe away my tears from his cashmere sweater. what the. We had such an amazing time jetting between three states and meeting with good friends and family. Here's the trip in review. I'm so incredibly thankful for 2012. It's been quite a ride...

Thankful for marriott points and frequent flier miles. Thankful for giving up my seat for many many vouchers. Thankful for free trips man!
Thankful for not doing the dishes when I visit home.
Thankful for my big red scarf and red blanket from mike and my red toms for keeping many flights very comfortable
Thankful for bacon. always thankful for bacon
Thankful for justin bieber's holiday CD. I especially dig the collab w/ boyz II men. it's on replay
Thankful for weekends. you have no idea. I'm so thankful for Saturday.
Thankful for a steaming hot bowl of ramen (not the package kind, the ippudo kind) also see above picture
Thankful for roommates who keep my apt a home while I'm gone, who welcome me back each weekend, who share their food.
Thankful for my best friend Joy, even though she never writes on here.
Thankful for the boyfriend. you are such a delight.
Thankful for AMEX pts. I'll be making a big withdrawal soon.
Thankful for xmas trip coming up. mike meets the twins. oh boy(and girl)!
Thankful for the pool at the new hotel. just keep swimming, just keep swimming just keep swimmingggg
Thankful for my life, for blessings, for Jesus. 

from us to you with all our love,
two best friends and lady liberty

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