Friday, May 11, 2012

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Shoe Organizer/Storage Cubby

This is a project I, Joy, did months ago.

One day I was watching my dad clean the garage and stack three apple crates right outside of the garage to throw them out. I asked him for them just because... And honestly I didn't know what to do with them for about a month. So the precious apple crates sat in my tiny studio waiting to be reformed into something great. So a month had passed and the weather got chilly. And my roommates(sister and cousin) brought in their more weather appropriate shoes and we needed a storage for shoes. So I decided to turn them into a shoe organizer cubby!

I liked the size of the crate but the color gots to go...

I decided to stain it and I used Dark Walnut for wood stain. 


It only took me an hour to stain 3 apple crates and a day and half to completely dry them.

Oh, I am using the last crate as a towel storage in my bathroom.

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