Saturday, April 28, 2012

BECAUSE I'm mad grateful...

10 reasons why she’s my best friend:
  1. I spilled water on her macbook pro, the screen turned black but she just laughed and laughed.
  2. She tells all her other friends that I’m one of the smartest people she knows- I know right?!
  3. She is a year younger than me but gets mama bear on me during my worst days and biggest heart breaks.
  4. She has these big beautiful eyes and every time she tells me a story with such animation in those eyes, I can’t help but think that my best friend is one of the most beautiful woman I know.
  5. My best friend can dance, she can move. She gets down like no other.
  6. She tells me the truth, the kind of truth that no one wants to tell me but I desperately need to hear.
  7. She imessages me during the work day with Bible scriptures that encourages my soul.
  8. She’s always there for me but one night, after finding out some bad news, she came to me crying and I knew that she needed me too.
  9. She used to hate me….but changed her mind and gave me a second chance.
  10. She does insanity with me and even when she’s tired, she comes just to watch me do it and cheer me on.   

From us to you with all our love,
~two best friends and city Liberty

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